Wake Up, Golf!

Hello again! Sometimes I forget about the importance of waking up early to catch the best part of the day… the early morning! Not to mention that most very successful people wake up early on in the morning so that they can get some of their work done before the rest of the world opens its sleepy little eyes. Continue reading

Don’t Panic!

No matter what situation you’re in, from something totally normal to a “oh crap” panic type of situation, we all need to just relax. Whatever it is you’re doing or thinking, it will come much more easily if you just relax and quieten that mental buzz that is seemingly always present.

So many times in my life and even this week I’ve seen the way our own subconscious thoughts can truly make or break us. The key here is just shutting up and doing what you know needs to be done.

Let’s even look at it from a more physical angle. So many medical conditions can be caused by making ourselves nervous that it’s ridiculous. Not to mention the way we interpret these symptoms can make us even more nervous! Especially if you use Web MB, which inevitably tells you you may have cancer or something horrible going on.

As you can imagine, this can then really send a person off the deep end, and further complicating things for us all! What really needs to be done it is a reality check. It seems like we’re taught so much about what we can’t do. This isn’t possible, X can’t be done unless you do Y first.

It really seems like the entire school system was designed to hold us back, and to make us into good little citizens who keep a single job their whole lives and keep their mouths shut! As we all know, everybody is different, and keeping the whole world following a single system just isn’t feasible.

So when the time comes that you feel your brain getting the better of you, try breathing deeply and holding your breath just briefly before exhaling. This is just like fighting a panic attack, which is really just a super acute case of being human.

So when it seems like things are just too much to handle, or even if you just feel a little bit nervous, stop. Don’t do that crap. It’s unproductive and a total waste of your time! Move forward, always looking to get better and better at what it is you do in life.

And as always, be calm and stay classy my friends.

The Dangers Of Political Polarity

So many times in my life I’ve seen people feel that little tinge of hatred towards the “other side.” Sure, I may think that most liberal politicians are sniveling little twerps who like to go around taking away people’s right of speech. But I also despise oh so many right wing policies and especially the politicians behind them.

You see, it’s not all so simple. Left wing, right wing, liberal, conservative… Nobody is truly 100% one way or the other. Anybody who is completely, unabridgedly to one extreme or the other is either lying to themselves or has no idea what they’re talking about. Continue reading

Welcome To My New Blog

Hey, guys. Welcome to Simply 4 Golf. Despite the name, this site has nothing to do with the name. In fact, “Golf” is my nickname. It comes from my last name “Golfingo,” which apparently means “dolphin” in Portuguese. This blog is really somewhat of a personal memoir that serves as a way to document and organize my thoughts. You see, they always say that writing clarifies thought, and I believe them.

Just think about when you make a to do list or organize your work for the day on a checklist. Makes sense huh? Well, in a way this is my checklist. So here goes!

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